Earnr vs. Earner

When we first created the name for our savings platform 'Earnr' we never expected so many of our customers to search us and misspell our name with 'Earner'. It can lead to some unexpected results and many of our customers who scroll through google are left confused. In the vast realm of the internet, where countless websites and apps strive for your attention, sometimes a tiny spelling mistake can lead to unexpected, and often amusing results. Funny how an extra 'e' can make such a difference.

Join us as we embark on a journey through the land of misspelled URLs and the mix-ups that come with them!

The Unintended Homonyms

Let's admit it, English can be a funny language, with words that sound almost the same but have entirely different meanings. "Earnr" and "Earner" are a prime example of this linguistic mix-up. While "Earnr" is a savings platform that is built for savers, "Earner" could be someone who is gathering information about different ways to earn income or explore opportunities for making money, ironic because if they had typed in "Earnr", they would have come across a great way to make their money work harder.

Lost in Translation

Now, let's take a moment to appreciate the power of auto-correct and the unintentional comedy it can bring to our lives. Picture this: you're sitting at a coffee shop, casually discussing the new savings platform with your friend. As you hastily type the name 'Earnr' into your phone, autocorrect swoops in, turning "Earnr" into "Earner." Suddenly, you're scrolling through pages of dictionary definitions, ATO forms and the odd Investopedia article all while overlooking a real money-saving gem right under your nose. Ah, the joys of modern technology!

Curious Redirects

In the vast maze of the internet, where one wrong keystroke can lead you down a rabbit hole of unintended search results, it's no surprise that misspelled searching can take you on a wild ride. Imagine searching "Earner" in your browser, only to be redirected to "Earnr." What started out as a search for a better understanding of the word is replaced with a platform that offers a high return and saving for the future. However, what better way to get an understanding of being an "Earner" than to practise it and become more aware of your finances.

A Sense of Humor Saves the Day

While some might be inclined to view the "Earnr" and "Earner" mix-up as a mild inconvenience, others see it as a reminder that life is full of related surprises and rather than bemoaning the misspelling, they embrace the mishap and start thinking about how to start your savings journey?


While it may be easy to accidentally spell "Earnr" as "Earner," the impact of Earnr as a savings platform and app cannot be overlooked. With its powerful access secured returns, and commitment to financial education and security, Earnr emerges as a leading savings platform for individuals seeking to make their money work harder. Whether you are just starting your savings journey or a seasoned income driven entity - we have you covered.